Stay Ahead of Fraud with Veritas Integrity Testing

Workplace Fraud can occur in any company, including yours. The Veritas Psychometric Test from Aptitude will prevent occupationally delinquent employees from joining your workforce.

Protect Your Company from Fraud

No company in the Philippines is immune to workplace fraud. In August 2020, Google PH discovered that some employees in their Philippine-based BPO partner converted over Php60 million worth of online gift cards into bitcoin. The damage done to the company’s reputation not to mention the entire Phil-based industry in general remains unscathed.

If fraud can happen to large and established companies, small and medium-sized businesses are not spared. The effects are financially dangerous, and the ill effects are irreparable.

Thankfully, there’s a way for you to detect potentially delinquent employees from joining your firm early on and stop the risk to your organization.

Protect your company from fraudulent employees and candidates with the Veritas Integrity Testing.
Developed by a team of psychologists, national defense experts, and technical specialists, the Veritas Integrity Test measures the following scales of employees and candidates:


The degree of an employee or candidate to be honest and trustworthy

Rules Compliance

The degree of an employee or candidate to follow company rules, procedures, and policies.


Non-violent Attitude

The degree of an employee to not partake in physical violence, verbal threats, or other displays of aggressive behavior.



The degree of an employee to take accountability for their actions



The degree of an employee or candidate to be accurate and honest in their response to the test

It’s crucial that small businesses take the necessary steps to detect fraud and deter it as soon as possible. The Veritas Integrity Test enables you to ask the right questions so you can screen for suspicious employees and candidates, helping your company become less vulnerable to fraud and prevent it from happening.
A Focus on Employee Fraud in the Philippines
Employee fraud is a consequential problem faced by companies of all types and sizes in the Philippines. While it’s great to believe that all employees are loyal and working for the growth of the organization, there are still many reasons why employee fraud exists.

In fact, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) listed 25 incidents of workplace fraud in the Philippines last 2018, placing the country fourth in the Asia-Pacific region. According to a separate study, the Philippines currently ranks as the largest source of online fraud, concluding that companies in the country are prone to online attacks.

Moreover, results from the PwC 2020 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey shows that fraudulent activities in the Philippines amount to an average of $100,000 per company in a year. Data reveals that the biggest fraudulent incidents are carried out by employees with long tenure.

If these numbers and statistics convey anything, it’s that fraudsters can come and strike from anywhere – including employees who have been in your organization for almost half their life. Any person in your company’s organizational structure could pose as a risk or a threat to the financial health of your business.

Therefore, constant vigilance and is required from every level of a company to prevent reputation damage and financial losses from threatening your company’s future and the livelihoods of your trusted employees. Contact Aptitude today and see how the Veritas Integrity Test will help you detect red flags in your organization.
Why Invest in Integrity Testing for Fraud Prevention?
There are many conditions that allow fraud to take place without a watchful eye:
As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Integrity testing helps you explore the early-warning signs of employee fraud before it can even take place. Overall, it’s easier and less expensive to prevent employee fraud than to repair your reputation and finances after the fraud has been committed. With integrity testing, your company can effectively reduce the chances of fraud occurring, prevent losses, and uphold your good reputation.
Veritas Integrity Testing From
What makes the Veritas Integrity Testing superior compared to other assessment tools? Take a look at the test’s innovative features:
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