Elevate your Employee Assessments through Virtual Reality

The future of hiring is here! Introducing Assense VR: VR Employment Assessment that engages a new generation of talent.

What is VR-based Employee Assessment?

Pre-employment assessment tests are an important part of any hiring process. They take on a lot of different forms, from manual tests to digital software that streamline the entire process. Today, there’s a new and groundbreaking approach to pre-employment assessment, and it’s based on virtual reality (VR).

VR employee assessment is a multifunctional virtual platform that combines innovative technologies to help HR managers make key decisions in the hiring process as well as keep track of the well-being of existing employees. By using Assense VR in your operations, you gain access to unbiased behavioral and cognitive data assessments for your company’s personnel needs.

Assense VR’s cutting-edge technology was created by a team of experts from the field of virtual reality, psychology, and neuroscience. The technology analyzes the way employees behave in this digital space and create a predictive report for your team to use. This innovation allows employers to explore the quantitative relationship between meaningful real-world indicators and immersive digital experiences to make better decisions when it comes to their personnel.

Make Better Hiring Decisions Today.

What is Assense VR?

Assense is a revolutionary virtual reality employee assessment platform that provides companies with a 360-degree view of their candidates’ abilities and compatibility with ob positions in the organization. It combines virtual reality, machine learning, and behavioral data to create accurate cognitive and behavioral assessments for both recruitment and training purposes.

Instead of only looking at an applicant’s answers, Assense thoroughly and carefully examines the way an applicant arrives at the answers and combines these findings with structured interviews, candidate questionnaires, and other pieces of information gathered by the hiring team. The information is then compiled into a user-friendly cloud platform that provides comprehensive, predictive, and unbiased results.

Developed by ActiView’s team of experts in the field of VR, psychology, and neuro science, Assense delivers recruitment teams with an empowering VR tool that helps employee assessment become more insightful and data-driven.

Features of Assense


Insightful Process

The scientific-based VR process of Assense unlocks new layers of crucial information about applicants and their abilities.

Data-Driven Results

In-depth performance and behavioral data allows recruitment teams to make unbiased, evidence-based recruiting decisions, rather than decisions based on gut instinct.

Perfect Match

One of the VR employee assessment services that Assense provides is your ability to create a data-driven profile of your ideal employee. This helps you match talent with relevant job positions and teams.

What insights does Assense provide to companies?

Assense factors in and analyzes a wide range of variables to come up with a 360-degree view of your candidate. The variables include:

Valuable and Memorable Candidate Experience

By taking candidates on an immersive journey they won’t find anywhere else, Assense gives companies the opportunity to attract and recruit top talent. Instead of tedious and outdated interviews, the VR applicant assessment software tests candidates based on their responses to ‘live’ situations. Each session becomes an enjoyable learning experience for the candidate, while they provide a full picture of their abilities for the recruitment company.

With Assense, you can also offer a virtual tour of your workplace to better acquaint your candidates with the company culture. They can meet selected employees, explore the office, and experience the company’s culture first hand, all while participating in an innovative hiring process guaranteed to leave positive lasting impressions.

Take Your Recruitment to the Next Level with Aptitude and Assense

With Assense’s VR candidate and employee assessment services, you can make recruiting more accurate, efficient, and personalized than ever. Enjoy the benefits that Assense provides when you partner with Aptitude today.

As part of our mission to provide companies in the Philippines with a holistic approach to pre-employment screening procedures, we have included virtual reality employment and skills assessment in our range of solutions. We make candidate hiring more immersive, effective, and impactful for you and your candidates.