Veritas Credit Testing for Loan Applications

Aptitude offers Veritas Credit Testing services as a means of protecting your business from potentially bad loan applications. We base our screening on our Veritas Credit Testing Model, taking factors like honesty, financial attitude, willingness to pay, and a capacity to pay to find an applicant’s reliability and likeliness to repay loans.

Decrease Bad Debt Through Good Financial Screening Decisions

The market is filled with potential loan applicants. But for banks and lending companies, the problem is not about finding a demand. Rather, it’s about finding reliable loan applicants with low credit risk scores and a high likelihood to pay. Veritas Credit can help banks screen through each applicant to determine both risk and reliability.

Why Veritas Credit?

Veritas Credit assesses your loan applicants to create reliable data that helps you approve or reject their applications. More than just their capacity to repay their debt, we protect your business from bad debts while highlighting the reliable applicants with advantageous low-risk scores.

Decrease Bad Debt

Reduce your losses by decreasing the risk of bad debt and high credit risk scores. Our testing assesses an applicant’s reliability to pay back their loan on time.

Classify Credit Applicants

Aptitude’s findings classify credit applicants between high, medium, and low-risk. This provides your business the data to approve low-risk clients and prevent bad debt.

Expand Financial Inclusion

Through Veritas Credit, all applicants are on the same level and are assessed based on reliability through the Veritas Credit Testing Model. This ensures everyone with the equal opportunity to access your business’ financial service.

Make Better Hiring Decisions Today.

Why Aptitude?

When it comes to screening applicants, goes the extra mile and covers all areas to ensure businesses understand the risk of each applicant, be it a loan application or a job candidate.

Aptitude take a holistic approach toward our screening procedures. We recognize that the traditional way of applicant screening fails to cover certain aspects that could affect your business’ performance, so we provide a much more thorough screening for your loan applicants.

We are the only pre-employment assessment company in the Philippines that offers integrity testing, and we know the importance of a thorough applicant check. A simple background check on loan applicants can easily tell you if an applicant can repay their loan, but our thorough Veritas Credit Testing can measure reliability and their willingness to pay

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