Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests for the Manufacturing Industry

Easily search for the top talent for your company with the help of Aptitude’s array of high-quality manufacturing pre-employment tests.

Quality Manufacturing Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Recruiting skilled workers for the manufacturing industry is a challenging task. Sometimes, you encounter individuals who seem qualified based on their resumes, but do not actually have the technical skills required for the position.

To avoid hiring unskilled individuals for your manufacturing company, you need to conduct pre-employment tests during the recruitment process. At Aptitude, we offer high-quality employment testing services that will help you evaluate an applicant’s technical skills before hiring them.

Our pre-employment tests are designed to provide you with objective data, which you can use to evaluate every applicant. Ultimately, our test results can help you make great recruitment decisions that benefit your organization.

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Aptitude’s Pre-Employment Tests for Manufacturing Jobs


Evaluate a candidate’s emotional intelligence through Aptitude’s personality test. This assessment allows you to measure an applicant’s ability to make decisions, solve problems, and interact with other people.


Ensure that the individuals you hire have the technical skills needed to work in a manufacturing company. You can achieve this with our high-quality manufacturing pre-employment assessment test that focuses on a candidate’s skills and talents


Employees in the manufacturing industry are often trusted to handle high-value items and materials. Make sure that all your team members are honest, dependable, and trustworthy by having them complete an integrity test.


Stop the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace by having applicants and your employees undergo an online health risk assessment. This test only takes five minutes and should be taken by anyone who enters your workplace.

Why Choose Aptitude’s Pre-Employment Tests?

Assess your applicants more thoroughly with the use of Aptitude’s pre-employment tests for the manufacturing industry. The assessments we offer are designed by experts in the human resource industry.

Objective and Specific

Through the results of our pre-employment tests, you can objectively compare candidates and determine who among them is the most qualified. The data we provide also contains all the specific skills and aptitudes that you are looking for in an employee.

Faster Recruitment Process

Reduce your time-to-hire with the help of our pre-employment tests. You can use the test results to easily evaluate every applicant and determine if they meet the qualifications you need for your manufacturing company.

Better-Quality Employees

Take advantage of our pre-employment assessment tests to improve the quality of your workforce. From now on, you can filter out unqualified candidates right away by having them answer various pre-employment tests. You can also use our tests to identify top talents immediately.

Reduced Turnover Rates

One of the greatest challenges that recruiters face in the manufacturing industry is high turnover rates. Fortunately, you can now determine whether an applicant is more likely to stay in your company through Aptitude’s pre-employment tests.

Use Our Pre-Employment Tests to Recruit for Different Roles

Take advantage of our expert-designed pre-employment tests to hire for the following positions in the manufacturing industry:

Use Aptitude’s Tests to Find Candidates Who Possess:

Recruit individuals who have the hard skills to work for a manufacturing company through our pre-employment tests. You can use the test results to determine if an applicant has the necessary technical skills to complete the tasks in your organization.

Professional Personality

Working in a manufacturing company requires an individual to interact with their colleagues and, sometimes, clients. This is why you need to find a candidate who has a pleasing and professional attitude and can interact well with other people.

Personal Integrity

Individuals who work for manufacturing companies are often trusted to handle high-value materials and expensive pieces of equipment. To ensure that all your team members are honest and trustworthy, take advantage of our aptitude tests.

Organizational Skills

Determine an applicant’s ability to multitask and stay organized during busy times with Aptitude’s pre-employment tests. This skill will help a candidate juggle multiple duties without committing errors and while attending to the company’s needs.

Choose High-Quality Pre-Employment Tests for Your Company

Turn to Aptitude for expert-designed manufacturing pre-employment assessment tests. The tests we offer can easily be customized based on your needs and the specific qualifications of any position.

Every pre-employment assessment test we offer is also accessible through a web-based, user-friendly platform. So, your applicants can access it as long as they have a computer terminal and a stable internet connection.

Ultimately, you can count on our team members to guide you throughout the process of setting up your company’s pre-employment tests and administering them. We are also here to talk to you should you have any questions regarding the assessments.

Try our high-quality manufacturing pre-employment assessment tests and improve your company’s recruitment process.