Veritas Integrity Testing for Employment assists in protecting your company from unscrupulous individuals with Veritas Integrity Testing that’s developed by a team of national defense experts, psychologists, and technical specialists. Make sure you’re hiring honest, trustworthy, and dependable employees with the Veritas Integrity Testing Model — a tool that’s digital, web-based, and as reliable as the people you want to hire.

What does Veritas Integrity Testing Reveal About Applicants?

Aptitude deems it important for businesses to know who they’re hiring and the extent of how much they’ll be of value to the company. Thus, the Veritas Integrity Test measures the following scales:

  • Trustworthiness - the degree or likelihood of a candidate to be honest and trusting of others.
  • Rules Compliance - the degree or likelihood of a candidate to follow established rules and adhere to company procedures and policies.
  • Non-violent Attitude - the degree or likelihood of a candidate to respect others and not partake in aggressive behaviors resulting in verbal threats or physical violence.
  • Responsibility - the degree or likelihood of a candidate to take accountability for their actions. This also refers to their dependability, punctuality, and proactiveness.
  • Candidness - the degree or likelihood of a candidate to be candid or accurate in their responses. The results of this scale will be used as a red flag to determine if a candidate lies their way through the test.

With the Veritas Employment Integrity Test, you can ask the right questions that will help you screen for the most honest and trustworthy candidates. Contact Aptitude today to transform your hiring process with an integrity test that’s reliable and easy to use.

The Advantage: Veritas Integrity Testing

What sets the Veritas Integrity Testing apart from other digital assessment tools? This innovative integrity test for recruitment and employment has the following unique features:

  • Adaptive:
    Its sophisticated algorithm functions like a polygraph test and is capable of lie detection. With its adaptive nature, it can adjust the wording and questions to determine a candidate’s character.
  • Modular:
    You can easily set the parameters it measures to fit the requirements of any job position. The test is also customizable to any industry field.
  • Reliable:
    Veritas Integrity is a collaborative work developed by some of today’s most brilliant minds in psychology, human resource management, and corporate security.

What Makes Veritas Integrity Testing Fit For You

Aptitude is the only pre-employment testing company in the Philippines to offer Veritas integrity testing for employees. This test uses innovative and sophisticated methods to help you make smarter hiring decisions and retain better workers.

We’re dedicated to helping you make better hiring decisions.

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Common Industries that Benefit from Veritas Integrity Test

Integrity tests are used for hiring various job roles, but they’re especially important for positions that involve money, sensitive data, security, trade secrets, or personal safety. Industries that benefit the most from integrity testing include:

  • BPOs - BPO companies emphasize data security and integrity. That's why honesty and trust are essential in attaining critical business competence, proficiency, and excellence. Maintaining and imposing proper discipline to employees is also essential to provide quality service to your clients. With the Veritas Integrity Testing in your employment process, you can effectively assess candidates who are as dependable and reliable as your company.
  • Banks - Numerous banks have policies on anti-money laundering and anti-corruption, but their track record on enforcing those policies is poor. Don't be like them. Start checking the integrity and work ethics of your candidates to ensure clients that everyone in your financial institution can be trusted.
  • Shipping/Delivery - Trust, reliability, and dependability are some of the key factors that determine the worth of any shipping/delivery company. With Veritas Integrity Testing, you help ensure that your company is trustworthy and free from any scams, fraud, or undelivered packages. If all of your employees are trustworthy and dependable, you'll enjoy good market reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Security Agencies - The need for security officers is a valuable one, especially in the Philippines where the crime rate is high. Integrity is a key behavioral characteristic for those working in the security field, and employment tools like integrity testing provide you with a fair, valid, and accurate way to screen for this critical characteristic. With the Veritas Integrity Test, you can immediately hire security officers who are capable of meeting their responsibilities.
If you’re like these industries, you can give us a call.

Importance of Integrity Testing

Job fit is important but a candidate’s personal work ethics are also essential factors. What does it matter if your new hire is highly competent and skilled but doesn’t show up for work on time, steals, lies, disobeys policies, and has a hostile attitude towards clients and co-workers? The test aims to prevent businesses from these 

  • Employee theft
  • Employee substance abuse
  • High employee turnover rate
  • Absenteeism
  • Violent or disruptive employee behaviour
  • Conflicts between employees
  • Low productivity
  • Complaints from customers
  • Workplace hostility
  • Non-compliant behaviours
  • Accidents and injuries

That’s why the Veritas Integrity Testing is here to help. With it, you can weed out candidates who lie during interviews and stop them from hitting your payroll. It can help you spot potential problems in advance and identify candidates who may be less productive at a specific job. When you identify unsuitable applicants from the start, you save your company from problems that may arise such as violence, theft, and hostile behaviour.

Why choose​

It’s simple: We’re all about providing companies like yours with a holistic approach to pre-employment screening procedures. Our tests measure your candidates’ personality traits, skill level, and critical thinking. Best of all, we’re the only pre-employment testing company in the Philippines that offers integrity testing.

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We have helped some of the biggest banks, BPOS, and corporations in the Philippines protect their organizations from corporate fraud. Veritas Integrity Testing is our primary tool in defending our clients from financial damage.

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