Veritas Integrity Testing

Hiring the wrong applicant or trusting the wrong employee can cost your business. If you don’t make integrity testing a part of your hiring process, you might be welcoming a future thief or unreliable worker into your organizational structure.

Without regular honesty tests as part of company policy, you could be overlooking an employee who has something to hide, like a fraudulent scheme or a ruinous addiction. assists in protecting your company from unscrupulous individuals with Veritas Integrity Testing. Developed by a team of national defense experts, psychologists, and technical specialists, this assessment of integrity and honesty analyzes an applicant or employee for the following attributes:

  • Their loyalty to their employer
  • How credible and reliable they are
  • Their susceptibility to bribery
  • If they are inclined to theft
  • Any addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling
  • Their attitudes and motivations

By measuring these factors, Veritas can present you with an accurate analysis of the candidate’s integrity. This allows you to choose another job applicant or further evaluate a suspicious employee.

Aptitude’s testing procedure has the following features, which give it an advantage over other assessment tests on the market.

Unique Features

Aptitude is the only pre-employment testing company in the Philippines to offer Veritas integrity testing for employees. This test uses innovative and sophisticated methods to help you make smarter hiring decisions and retain better workers.

We Make It Easy

Hire the Right People Today

We have helped some of the biggest banks, BPOS, and corporations in the Philippines protect their organizations from corporate fraud. Veritas Integrity Testing is our primary tool in defending our clients from financial damage.
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