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Aptitude provides companies a holistic approach to pre-employment screening procedures. Our selection of tests measures your applicants’ level of skill, personality traits, mental aptitude, and integrity. With our web-based and easy-to-use tests, you will have credible and relevant data to choose the most suitable person for the job.

The tests we use are also designed for evaluating current employees and independent contractors.

The results of the tests are generated by computer. As part of our after-sales service, we will provide your organization with a training session on analyzing these results.


Each test comes with an analysis of the candidate’s results. Because Aptitude’s assessment tests are customizable, you can choose the relative weight of each of the test’s parameters to suit the requirements of any job opening.

Our analysts collate the test scores of a candidate and calibrate them according to your specification. The resulting score will indicate the candidate’s compatibility to the job they applied for. You can also use our tests to determine your current employees’ suitability to their positions.

We also offer training sessions on analyzing our reports, so you can confirm our findings independently.


Our tests are based on standardized segments. This flexibility allows you to assess the qualities for every job posting in your organizational structure. Our versatile test procedures apply to a wide range of industries, from finance to manufacturing.


Aptitude’s array of pre-employment tests was designed by leading experts on human resource management and security officials. Companies and firms all over the world can attest to the reliability of these procedures.

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The future prosperity of your company hinges on hiring talented people for the right jobs.

Aptitude has the pre-employment tests that will allow you to choose suitable employees and implement an efficient hiring process. With informed hiring decisions, you are well on your way to securing your company’s future.

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