Pre-employment Testing Services for Your Company

Aptitude’s pre-employment assessment tests ensure you recruit and engage the best talent. Our services offer in-depth and comparable insights based on candidate behavior, personality, and aptitude.

Aptitude's New Hire Testing Solutions

Aptitude’s scientifically validated pre-employment testing solutions will help you screen for top talent who will be a good culture fit for your company. This helps you develop your teams while also driving organizational growth.

Our assessments go beyond personality testing — they allow you to dive deeper and analyze whether a candidate will meet your organization’s standards from multiple perspectives.

Our tests also measure skills, strength of character, and integrity. With our holistic approach to new hire testing, we make sure you only onboard people who will be an asset to your company, not a risk to your future.

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Aptitude Makes Pre-employment Testing Fast and Easy

We at Aptitude have worked incredibly hard to ensure that your journey with us is quick and seamless. Once you’ve contacted us via call, email, or by our contact form, an expert will be on hand to explore your challenges and find the solution that fits your needs and goals. After the initial consultation, we’ll give you exclusive access to our pre-employment assessment tests so you see how they work. While the online tests are equipped with reports ready for easy interpretation, you can call us anytime during operation hours for assistance.

Benefits of Pre-employment HR Tests for Hiring

According to Harvard Business Review, 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. With pre-hire testing, you have a consistent, reliable, and data-driven way of evaluating each candidate.

Up to 78% of resumes are misleading. With pre-employment testing, you can verify if candidates really possess the skills and credentials they claim to have. It also provides valuable insights into the ability of candidates to upgrade existing skills and learn new things.

Companies who use pre-hire testing report a 39% lower turnover rate. This is because pre-employment assessments help you identify candidates who not only exhibit success factors but also excellent culture fit.

Why Choose Aptitude?

Great User Experience

Our pre-employment testing solutions are designed to create excellent user and candidate experiences. With a simple and effective user interface, you’ll unlock the potential of each applicant.

Customer Support

If you have never used HR tests for hiring before, we’ll guide you through the entire process. If you’re an experienced user, you’ll find we’re the better alternative.

Backed by Objective Data

We pre-run our tests to determine their efficiency and effectiveness. Each Aptitude test is specially designed and developed by leading experts to provide you with accurate data.

Trusted By Many

We’ve worked with many small and big brands in the country who can attest to the power and reliability of our pre-employment testing services. Some members of our clientele include Philippine Airlines, Asia United Bank, and AboitizLand, Inc.

Change the Way You Hire for the Better

We make it easy for you to hire the right people and build talent within your organization. Contact us today to improve your selection and recruitment process.

Make Better Hiring Decisions Today.
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