Pre-employment Test

Aptitude’s pre-employment testing process ensures that your company chooses the best possible candidate to join your ranks. Our services offer more in-depth data than a standard test. With our specialized employment test, you can examine different facets of an applicant that may affect their efficacy and integration with your company’s policies, processes, and work culture.

We do not just administer a cognitive ability test for employment; our process also allows you to analyze whether a candidate’s personality meets your organization’s standards from a behavioral perspective.

Our tests also measure a possible employee’s strength of character and integrity. Although other assessment tests for employment may overlook it, Aptitude understands that a candidate’s moral fiber can indicate whether they are an asset or a risk to your company’s future.

Our testing procedures offer your organization a holistic approach to testing candidates for hiring. With Aptitude, you will receive relevant data that will help you choose the right person for the job.

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