IS YOUR BUSINESS SAFE FROM OCCUPATIONAL FRAUD? protects your company from workplace corruption and fraud. Unlike other pre-employment testing companies, Aptitude is the only one to include integrity testing. Our web-based assessment test warns you of potentially risky job applicants and lets you check on the honesty and character of your employees.

Worried about how fraud can damage your company?

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The High Cost of Hiring Fraudulent Employees

Other employee testing companies fail to consider how important integrity is for a business’s profitability. Fraudulent and corrupt employees threaten your company’s revenue. In one year, businesses around the world lost a total of $7 billion to fraud.

Here are a few more facts concerning the damage fraud and theft can do to your company:

  • 54 percent of businesses in the Philippines were the victims of fraud and similar crime within the last two years
  • Fraudsters who had been employed by their victims longer stole more money
  • Philippine companies take direct loses between P1.3 million to P5.3 billion from disruptive fraud
  • Most businesses needed tipsters to become aware of fraud in their companies
  • Most victims didn’t recover anything from the perpetrators

Aptitude’s unique integrity tests prevents you from hiring the wrong applicant and avoid the financial damage of corporate fraud.

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Trust, But Verify with Veritas is the only company that offers integrity testing in the Philippines. Our pre-employment assessment services include the
Veritas Integrity Test.

What makes the Veritas Integrity Test unique?

  • Adaptive: The test’s algorithm adapts to the candidate’s answers and gauges their loyalty, reliability, and whether they're susceptible to bribery or inclined to steal.
  • Effective: Veritas Integrity Test operates like a polygraph and can detect if a candidate is being deceitful. Extensive testing revealed that the test in accurate up to 98 percent.
  • Customizable: The test is calibrated to Philippine labor and company culture and can be set to either English or Filipino language.
  • Modular: The test parameters adjust to fit the requirements of any industry or job title.
  • Easy to Use: All Aptitude pre-employment tests are digital and don’t need any complex devices, aside from a computer terminal, or intricate procedures.
With the Veritas Integrity Test, you’ll hire only people with the right skills and moral character and make sure your current employees are
honest and reliable.

How Can We Assist Your Business? is the only pre-employment company to offer integrity testing in the Philippines, but our list of services can offer different kinds of assistance to many industries:

We cater to the assessment needs of businesses large and small, and our list of partners have enterprises from different industries, like air travel, banking companies, and manufacturing corporations.

Industries We Serve

Aptitude has many partners from different commercial sectors. We work with some of the biggest banking companies, airline enterprises, and steel manufacturing corporations in the country.

The modular nature of our test procedures make it easy to reconfigure them to apply to the requirements of various industries. In this way, we can help any business find the right applicant for any job.

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We have helped some of the biggest banks, BPOS, and corporations in the Philippines protect their organizations from corporate fraud. Schedule a free demonstration today.
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