Pre-Employment Assessment Tests for Retail Jobs

Hire the most qualified applicants in your talent pool with the help of Aptitude. We have a wide range of retail pre-employment assessment tests to evaluate various skills and aptitude.

Pre-Employment Tests for Retail Hiring

Hiring an incompetent individual in your retail business can cost you a lot of money. After all, you will be trusting your retail staff to handle your products and even man the cashier throughout the day. You’re also expecting your team members to have the right customer service skills that will allow them to attract clients to the store.

To ensure that the people you’re hiring in your retail business are qualified for the job, you need to provide them with the appropriate pre-employment tests. Conducting pre-hire testing allows you to have a clear understanding of what an applicant can do for your retail business.

For easier access to high-quality pre-employment tests, turn to Aptitude. We offer assessments that cover the situational judgment, financial skills, and critical thinking, qualities that a retail worker should have. The tests we offer also provide you with objective information regarding a candidate’s skills and aptitude.

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Our Pre-Employment Tests for the Retail Industry


Identify if a candidate’s personality is compatible with what you are looking for in a retail employee. This pre-employment test can help you determine an individual’s emotional intelligence, culture fit, soft skills, and work ethics.


Aptitude is here to help you measure a candidate’s skills in retail. Some of the competencies that can be evaluated using this assessment test are financial data comprehension, process comprehension, technical understanding, and logical reasoning.


One of the most important assessment tests for retail jobs is integrity evaluation. As a retail business owner, you need to ensure that each of your staff members is honest even when given the responsibility of handling money and other high-value items.


Keep your retail store COVID-19-free by having your employees go through an online health assessment. You can also screen an applicant’s physical condition before they come in for an interview.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Tests for Retail Jobs

Rely on Aptitude’s pre-employment tests for the retail industry when looking for the top candidate in your talent pool. The assessments we offer can provide you with various benefits, including the following:

Objective Screening

The pre-employment assessments we offer for retail jobs allow you to compare and evaluate every candidate objectively. Through the test results we provide, you can get rid of any bias that you may have and make better hiring decisions for your company.

Improve Employee Retention

You can use our employment tests for retail hiring to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude and personality. These factors will then help you determine whether they are more likely to stay in your business and fit in with your culture.

Better Hiring Consistency

Evaluating applicants through their resumes alone will not provide you with constant hiring outputs. Instead, you need a standardized test that will provide you with reliable and consistent results, which you can use to objectively assess a candidate.

Faster Recruitment Process

You can expedite your company’s recruitment process through Aptitude’s employment tests for retail hiring. Our assessments are useful in easily and objectively comparing candidates and deciding who is the most qualified, saving the time and effort of your recruitment team.

Take Advantage of Our Pre-Employment Tests for Various Retail Jobs

Use Aptitude’s pre-employment tests to make hiring for your retail store easier. The test results we provide can help you recruit for the following positions:

Aptitude’s Tests Allow You to Identify Applicants Who Have:

Approachable and Professional Personality

Working in retail means that your employee has to interact with several customers in a day. To provide every buyer with the best experience, your staff members need to be friendly and helpful to every customer they encounter and assist them to the best of their abilities.

Analytical and Technical Skills

Our pre-employment tests for retail hiring allow you to find candidates who have the ability to quickly learn about your store’s policies and brand-new products as soon as they are placed on the shelves. This competency will help ensure an employee’s productivity over time.

Personal Integrity

As a business in the retail industry, you need to ensure that every person you hire is honest enough to handle money and other high-value items. Through our pre-employment tests, you can easily determine if an applicant has the personal integrity to work for you.

Reasons to Choose Aptitude’s Pre-Employment Tests

Aptitude is dedicated to helping you find the best employees for your company. We do this by providing you with high-quality assessment tests for retail jobs.

Each of the tests we offer is modular, which means you can easily customize it based on your specific needs. You can also be sure that our test results are reliable because our assessments were designed by experts on human resource management, psychology, and company security.

Additionally, we charge on a per-test basis. You do not have to pay extra for the tests that you will not use. You can also count on us not to charge you any hidden or additional fees.

For more information on our assessment tests for retail jobs, reach out to our team. We look forward to helping you screen applicants more effectively.