Automating the Employee Onboarding Process with the Help of Aptitude

Skip the tedious process of collecting the numerous government documents that are required for the employee onboarding process by working with Aptitude. We know that collecting multiple documents from several applicants can lead to difficulty in management and organization. It can also lead to valuable time and company resources being wasted on this task.

As a recruitment agency, we can automate this portion of the onboarding process for your company. This is so it runs as smoothly as possible for you. You can rely on us to take care of this critical task of gathering government documents so that you can focus on welcoming your new hires into your organization.

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The Importance of Employee Onboarding Services for Better Hiring

Once you’ve chosen the best applicant for the job and they’ve accepted the offer, it’s time for the pre-employment onboarding process. This part of the recruitment system is broad. It involves talents submitting documents to human resources which will involve organizing and encoding while performing orientations to help the new hires understand the company’s culture and their task.

You can automate certain parts of employee onboarding by transferring the menial task of collecting and organizing required government documents to Aptitude. We are a recruitment agency that offers employee onboarding solutions for companies like yours.

You can count on us to collect your new hire’s SSS documents, Certificate of Employment, BIR requirements, PAG-IBIG records, primary government IDs, and additional documents like the NSO birth certificate and marriage certificate. We will organize this and turn over the filed documents to you, so you can focus on giving your new employees a warm welcome into your organization.

Partner with us today and see how you can automate portions of your employee onboarding process.