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How do you simplify your hiring process?

Aptitude has the answer with web-based talent tests that eliminate the guess-work out of your recruitment and streamline the process. Our online assessments measure basic competencies needed for every intended role in your organization. We help you identify financial, technical, and logical reasoning abilities, among others. Through our online skills test program, you will choose only from applicants who have the mental aptitude and skill set your company will need to grow.

We use the Veritas system, wherein your candidates log in with a test ID and complete exams that range from 20 minutes to one hour, making the hiring process easier.

Avoid the costs of a bad hire with Aptitude’s Employment Skills and Talent Testing.

What makes Aptitude's Employment and Skills Test Unique?

  • Modular
    Like all tests on Aptitude, our pre employment skills test is customizable. You can implement the test in Filipino or English, depending on your requirements or preference. You can also adjust the test parameters so that it suits the standards of any job position in your company.

    Our employment aptitude and skills test applies to a wide range of industries, from the financial sector to manufacturing.
  • Reliable
    Aptitude’s skills test was specially designed and developed by today’s leading experts on human resource management. Some of the biggest companies in the country like Philippine Airlines and Asia United Bank can attest to the power and reliability of our solutions.
  • Easy Setup and Administration
    Setting up and administering a pre employment skills test is quick and simple with the Veritas system. Once you’re on board, we set up a user-friendly online platform where you can access all the tools needed. We provide on-site training to teach you how to administer the skills test and interpret the results. Test results are generated by the system and you can download the reports individually or collectively in printable PDF format.
  • Pay Only What You Need
    We charge per test, so you only pay what you need. If you need the skills test for 100 candidates, you only pay for 100 tests. No hidden charges, no additional costs. Once you purchase the tests, Aptitude will upload it to your account’s dashboard.

Know What Aptitude’s Skill and Talent Testing Measure

Benefits of Aptitude's Skill Testing Services

  • Objective Results
    During an interview, it's easy for recruiters to get distracted by matters that don't relate to the position. For instance, if someone shares interests with a particular candidate, they could favor that one over an applicant who's a better fit for the job. Aptitude's pre employment skills assessment is an objective way to assess a candidate's core skills. There's no room for gut instinct to get in the way. You can simply ascertain how a candidate's skills fit with your company based on the results of their test.
  • Fast and Efficient
    Hiring managers go through hundreds of job applications, making it a costly and time-consuming process. With Aptitude's skill testing, you can filter out less suitable candidates early on so you only interview the best of the best. This also frees up more time for hiring managers to focus on other recruitment tasks and helps the team focus on shortlisted candidates.
  • Reduced Turnover Rate
    Every employer dreads the cost of a bad hire. Skill tests reduce the chances of you hiring candidates who can't do the job right. When you screen applicants based on the skills you need for a position, you can be sure they're ready even before training begins.

Industries that Use Aptitude’s Employment Skills Testing

  • BPO - Reduce employee attrition by hiring high-performing candidates with our fair and reliable skills testing software. You can assess how candidates handle real-world job situations while measuring process discipline, problem-solving skills, and more.
  • Banks - Banks and credit unions use Aptitude's pre employment skills testing to look for candidates who have excellent math, critical thinking, and financial accounting skills as well as attention to detail.
  • Shipping - Many logistics, freight, and shipping companies use Aptitude's skills test to measure the skills of candidates in areas such as logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, mechanical aptitude, and process understanding. The test helps them decide which candidates are most suitable for the job.
  • Education - Educational institutions use skills tests to measure the basic math and grammar skills of candidates, as well as their overall job readiness and trainability. The tests are usually administered for clerical and administrative jobs, and also for managerial and teaching positions.
  • Hospitality - Skills testing helps the hospitality industry hire better hotel and restaurant staff. As the hospitality industry offers a wide variety of roles, Aptitude's pre employment skills testing help determine candidates who have the ability to thrive in both behind the scenes work and customer facing settings.

If you belong in one of these industries or have a company of this scale, you can give us a call.

Why Aptitude?

It’s simple: We’re all about providing companies like yours with a holistic approach to pre-employment screening procedures. Our tests measure your candidates’ personality traits, skill level, and critical thinking. Since all of our solutions are online, including the pre employment skills testing, you have access to the software 24/7.

Best of all, we’re the only pre-employment testing company in the Philippines to offer integrity testing.

We’re dedicated to helping you make better hiring decisions, the easy way. Partner with Aptitude today to start hiring smarter.

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