Agilitest: Online Employee Assessment Test for Remote Hiring assists in ensuring a business’ employees are fit for the digital transformation. As working from home and remote hiring is becoming a common practice in the workforce, we provide pre-employment screening tests for remote hires that measure an applicant’s ability to work independently and productively outside the traditional workplace.

Our online employee assessment tests for remote hiring can help find employees who can easily adapt to the new normal of remote hiring and working from home.

How Does Agilitest Find Adaptable Employees?

It’s no secret that the traditional work environment is evolving. Remote hiring and working from home is becoming the new normal. Businesses will want to ensure that their team can work independently and reliably despite the physical change in their working space.

Our pre-employment screening test for remote hires measures an applicant’s ability to adapt to a work-from-home setting and perform productively without physical supervision.

Make Better Hiring Decisions Today. Agilitest: Evaluating Remote-Ready Job Candidates evaluates and reveals the strengths and weaknesses of candidates working from home. It uncovers an applicant’s abilities, including:

Creativity and Originality

An applicant’s ability to think outside the box, come up with unique ideas for problem solving, and produce one-of-a-kind ideas while working.

Flexibility and Coping with Ambiguity

Being able to accept various ideas and opinions of others and understanding that there will always be different ideas from their teammates. 

Level of Energy

Can be relied upon to perform the basics of their job tasks while working remotely and produce output that meets their employer’s standards. Can withstand a fast-paced working environment and takes initiative.

Coping with Stressful Situations

Ability to cope in stressful situations in the work environment without sacrificing output quality, timeliness, and decision-making skills. Has efficient coping methods for multi-tasking and handling time-sensitive projects.  

Emotional Stability

Determining an applicant’s tendency to have positive or negative emotions that can affect the way they perform their work, especially during extreme situations.

Achievement and Ambition

Affects an applicant’s ability and confidence to make decisions, aspire towards growing themselves within the company, and improving their performance for personal and career growth.

Moral Values

Measures how much an employee puts a premium on their moral values and how they conduct themselves without anyone to supervise them.

Positive General Attitude

Ability to remain positive despite pressured situations and when dealing with difficult aspects of their job role. Maintains a generally positive can-do attitude at work.

Integrity Test for Pre-Employment

Why Aptitude? is paving the way towards holistic pre-employment screening procedures. We have experience screening our applicants’ skill, personality traits, and critical thinking – traits and values that can be difficult to quantify in a traditional background check.

As the traditional workplace is heading towards remote hiring, virtual offices, and work-from-home setups, businesses need to take into consideration an employee’s ability to perform productively and independently. Our tests were designed by experts in our field to ensure your organization onboards employees who can adapt, work independently and productively, and prove themselves competent and capable to work for you.

Screen your talent pool and find adaptable employees today.