Signing Your Chosen Talent: 7 Tips For Candidate Offer Management

Tips for Candidate Offer Management

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Once you’ve finished the sourcing, interview, and deliberation process it’s time to put in an offer that your selected talent can’t help but agree to. This is where all your hard work will come to fruition so, you’ll need to act fast and send out a high-quality offer to secure your chosen candidate.

We’ve listed down some of our top tips for candidate offer management that will help you land your chosen talent.

Make a Shortlist of Your Top Candidates

The most important part of candidate offer management is organization. It helps keep everything and everyone aligned and on track during the hiring process. It’s best that you utilize tools to help you and your team do this efficiently.

If you’re hiring multiple personnel for the same position, you’ll need to make a shortlist of your top candidates to help you facilitate this process swiftly and efficiently.

Coordinate With the Hiring Team

Once you’ve created a shortlist of your chosen talents, you’ll need to coordinate with the hiring team. This will give them enough time to do market research for the offer you’ll be putting in to ensure that it’s competitive.

Looping everyone into the hiring process will keep everyone informed and accountable for the work ahead.

Verbally Congratulate Them

It’s important that you start off on the right foot with your chosen candidate. Sending out a calendar invite to hop on a quick call to congratulate them is a step in the right direction. You can also tell them when they can expect your offer to come in.

Include the Following Details

The job offer you put out reflects your company because it’s an official document. You’ll need to make sure that it contains the following documents for clarity. 


Indicate the position you’ll be hiring them for and what their responsibilities will be in this role.

Direct Superior

Inform them of who they’ll be reporting to and what their supervisor’s role is in the company.


Indicate how much they will be receiving for this position and when will their salary be disbursed.


List down the amount of sick and vacation leaves they have available for them. You can also add if you’ll be offering an HMO benefit for them and if so when they can expect to be eligible for this benefit.

Starting Day

Write down when they’ll be expected to come in for their first day.

Date of Validity

Make sure to include until when the job offer you sent is valid. Most recruits will only take a few days to consider your offer. However, some may need more days to plan out their current responsibilities.

Stay in Communication

Once you’ve sent out your offer, it’s best that you stay in communication with your applicant to help them understand where they are in the hiring process. Informing them of timelines and what their next steps will be can help them go through this transition much easier.

Automate Steps

Automate certain steps like document collection and contract signing to make the signing process easier for your chosen talent. This gives them a smoother experience and gives your company an online paper trail of the documents you’ve asked for.

Build a Relationship

As we’ve mentioned above, the candidate offer management process is the perfect opportunity for you to build a lasting relationship with your new team member. Ensuring that they go through a smooth process and personally contacting them to congratulate them can help them feel a sense of belonging in your company.

While this may seem like a time-intensive task, there are ways to make that time. One practice you can do is to automate certain parts of your offer management process so you can focus on building a relationship with your new hire. If you’re looking for a company that can help you keep your plate clean, why not look to us at Aptitude?

We provide our clients with top-notch offer management services that make this hiring process hassle-free for them. If this sounds like something you’d like your operations to have, you can contact us today to get started!

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