The 3 Types of Recruitment You’ll Encounter

Types of Recruitment

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When it comes to finding the best talent for your business, you’ll need to use various types of recruitment methods to fill your roster with high-performing individuals. While there may be a myriad of ways for companies to attract recruits from across the globe, they all fall into three simple categories.

Whether it’s using online job boards, promoting a team member, or hiring a recruitment agency they all fall into certain classifications which we’ve listed down below. Keep reading to find out what these three types are and what techniques fall underneath them. 

Incoming Recruitment

When recruits apply to your company or when they leave their resumes in the hope that you’ll have a vacancy available for them one day, is where incoming recruitment comes from. This type of hiring is when you tap into the talent pool you’ve been building over time. That way, once you have an opening in your company, you can easily find a suitable candidate for the job in your records.

While Incoming Recruitment is a passive activity for most companies, it takes a lot of work because it will require you to ensure that your company’s image is appealing to those looking from the outside and that your workers can back up your claims by giving good testimonies.

External Sourcing

External sourcing is when you search for new recruits through various methods. This type of recruitment takes on a more active approach to filling vacancies.

We’ve listed down some of the most commonly used external sourcing methods below:

Online Job Boards

Sourcing through online job boards means posting your vacancies on websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Jobstreet. This technique is one that can get direct your ad to active job seekers. However, because of the number of companies that use this method, it can be hard to get noticed. You’ll need to employ engaging writing styles to make your job ad stand out from the rest.

Recruitment Agency

Utilizing employee recruitment services for your hiring process is a great way to find top candidates with minimal hassle. Recruitment agencies use their wide network of connections and utilize various sourcing methods to help them find the best talent for your company. All you’ll need to do is pick and choose from the vetted candidates that this agency will give you.

Physical Recruitment Fairs

Attending college recruitment fairs and government-organized employment events can help you find individuals who are actively looking for jobs. An advantage of using this external sourcing method is that you get to meet your applicant face to face and see if they make a good impression.

Some companies even hire on the spot during these events.

what are the 3 types of recruitment

Internal Sourcing

Internal sourcing is when your hire for a job vacancy within your organization. Hiring internally can be a great way to tell your employees that there’s room for growth in your company and motivate them to work smarter.

In addition to boosting company morale, this is also a much more cost-effective option. This is because you won’t need to allocate resources to train and get these employees up to speed on their roles.

Listed below are some internal sourcing methods you can use:


It’s a common practice that job vacancies are posted internally before looking externally. This is a great option for companies looking to boost morale and maximize the potential of their current pool of talent.

Promoting a team member not only ensures that they have adequate knowledge for the job, but it’s a data-backed decision because you already have information on their performance on the job.


Whether a superior has seen an employee’s potential to excel in a different department or the team member has expressed their want to branch out to a different field, transfers are often used. This keeps the talent within the company’s ecosystem while providing them with the necessary environment to explore their career options.

Employee Referral

Asking your current employees to send in referrals is another internal sourcing technique. Some companies choose to incentivize these referrals for every successful hire.

Your team members can recruit their friends and family to fill vacant positions in the company. This is a great way to find excellent talent with minimal effort.

internal sourcing

Putting It All Together

We’ve listed above what are the three types of recruitment methods you’ll encounter. To staff your team with high-caliber talents, it’s best that you use all three methods. Although, finding the right people for your organization will take a lot of time and effort that will require your full attention and discretion. Which can take up a lot of your time as an HR professional.

If you’re looking to hire the top talents in your industry without allocating too many resources, you can automate this process by hiring a recruitment agency to help you. You can rely on us at Aptitude to help you find the best candidates for the job through our tried and tested sourcing methods.

Contact us today and see how we can help you elevate your recruitment process.

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