5 Reasons to Use Cognitive Ability Testing in Your Recruitment Process

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Your company’s recruitment process has been designed to be as thorough as possible to ensure that you only hire highly qualified individuals for your organization. It includes the necessary steps in assessing applicants, such as pre-screening and interviews, to eliminate unqualified applicants efficiently.

However, there are additional assessments you can conduct to ensure the quality of your hires. One of the most common tests provided by companies nowadays is cognitive ability test for employment.

Benefits of Using a Cognitive Ability Test

Taking advantage of cognitive ability testing can greatly benefit your company’s hiring process. Here are the reasons this type of assessment is widely used by several organizations across the world:

Predict Job Performance

As a hiring professional, you should have the ability to assess and predict a candidate’s job performance as they go through the recruitment process. Normally, you will use their resumes and interviews to determine if an applicant will perform well once they get the job. However, this kind of assessment is not scientific and may even be a bit biased.

To help you assess a candidate’s job performance more accurately, you should conduct a cognitive ability test. Studies have shown a strong correlation between a person’s cognitive ability and job performance. So, learning more about an applicant’s cognitive ability may help you gauge how well they’ll perform on the job.

Reduce Time to Hire

Recruitment officers have one goal in common, regardless of the industry they specialize in: everyone is looking for new ways to reduce their time-to-hire. This is an important factor for recruiters because shorter time-to-hire means fewer expenses for the company and more chances to hire top candidates in the talent pool. A quicker time-to-hire also means that the vacant position in your organization can be filled in immediately, preventing any workload issues.

With cognitive ability testing, you can expedite your recruitment process. This is possible because this type of assessment can help you eliminate unqualified candidates easily and cut your shortlist down quickly.

After providing a cognitive ability test to your applicants and eliminating unsuitable ones, you will be left with only the top talents in your candidate pool. You can then begin interviewing qualified candidates right away instead of wasting time reading through tens or hundreds of resumes. In a few days, you will find the applicant that best suits the open role and can start with offer management.

Data-Driven Hiring

One of the biggest issues that recruiters encounter is hiring bias. This happens when a recruiter unintentionally assesses a candidate subjectively instead of sticking to the individual’s qualifications. If left unchecked, hiring bias can cause big problems for the organization, especially when the person hired doesn’t have the qualifications to hold the position. This means that the company must go through the recruitment process once again to find a qualified individual, spend more money, and consume more resources.

Recruiters have found different ways to avoid hiring bias, and one of the most effective methods is cognitive ability assessment. With this kind of testing, you can get a hold of more information and data that you can use to determine if an applicant is qualified for the open position.

Simply put, cognitive ability testing takes out the subjectivity that some recruiters may struggle with when screening applicants. It also allows you to make better hiring decisions for your company.

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Improved Employee Retention

Turnovers in companies are common. It is not surprising that some people may leave your organization after a few years. However, if you notice a lot of your employees resigning right after another, you might be dealing with a bigger problem.

Although there are a lot of reasons for your company’s high turnover rate, one of the most common is role unsuitability. When you hire applicants without screening and assessing them thoroughly, you will be left with team members that are not suitable for their roles. After some time, your employees will feel unsatisfied with their job and decide to leave your company.

To prevent this from happening, you should make better hiring decisions for your company. You can achieve this by taking advantage of cognitive ability testing and only hiring applicants who perform well on this assessment. By continuing this practice, you can build a workforce filled with people with good job fit and reduce your organization’s turnover rate.

Easy to Administer

Your recruitment process may already take a few days or weeks, so adding cognitive ability testing to it may seem time-consuming. However, unlike other hiring techniques, cognitive ability assessment can easily be incorporated into your recruitment process.

It is a relatively short assessment that only takes your applicants a few minutes to complete. You can also get the results of their assessment quickly, which you can use to easily weed out unqualified applicants from your talent pool.

Take Advantage of Cognitive Ability Testing for Your Company

Now that you’ve learned about cognitive ability testing’s benefits, you should take advantage of it to improve your company’s recruitment process. To help you get started, you can talk to us at Aptitude.ph. We offer cognitive ability and other pre-employment assessments to organizations in various industries.

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