Why Do Employers Use Personality Tests for Hiring?

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As a recruiter, you are constantly looking for various ways to improve your organization’s hiring process. Whether it’s expediting your recruitment process, trying out new hiring techniques, or improving the quality of your hires, you’re always open to new ideas. You might have even tried different trends that will help you find the most qualified candidate for the open position in your company.

One of the most popular recruitment trends that you might have heard about is personality test for jobs. This type of test allows you to assess candidates’ character traits and determine if they fit into your company culture.

Reasons to Take Advantage of Personality Testing

Several companies across the world have started using personality tests in their recruitment processes. This assessment has become so popular among organizations because of the various benefits it can provide:

Determine Culture Fit

Culture fit refers to the potential of a candidate to accept and adapt to your company’s core values and mission. If you hire an applicant that is culturally fit with your organization, they are more likely to work well together with your team members and other employees of the company. Additionally, you will notice that a culturally fit employee is better at cooperating, exhibits increased productivity, and is more likely to stay with your company for several years.

On the other hand, if the candidate you hired isn’t culturally fit with your company, you might experience some problems in the workplace. Your new employee may not get along well with your existing employees and may even start conflicts in the workplace. They may also feel unsatisfied with their job and decide to leave your organization within a few months.

To avoid this, you can ask your applicants to accomplish a personality test. This assessment will help you see a candidate’s characteristics and determine if they will be able to thrive in your company setup and culture. For example, an individual who’s used to working in a corporate setting may not be a good fit for fast-paced startup companies.

Assess a Candidate’s Potential

Your main goal as a recruitment professional is to hire applicants with the potential to thrive and succeed in your organization. Hiring this type of applicant can be beneficial for your company, especially once they reach their full potential.

With a personality test, you can find out if an applicant can succeed in the position they’re applying for. You can achieve this by looking at the levels of their critical thinking skills, presence of mind, and stress-management capabilities. Assessing these parts of a candidate’s personality can also allow you to determine how they can be trained for more advanced responsibilities in the future.

Additionally, personality testing can help you understand your applicants’ strengths and aptitudes. You can use this assessment to learn about what motivates a person and find ways to keep them engaged with and enthusiastic with their job, should you decide to hire them.

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Expedite the Recruitment Process

Having a shorter time-to-hire allows you to fill open positions in your company faster. It also allows your organization to save money on recruitment costs and other resources. However, you might know that the recruitment process is often a long ordeal that takes at least a few weeks, which greatly affects your time-to-hire.

One way to expedite your company’s recruitment process and shorten your time-to-hire is to weed out unqualified candidates early in the recruitment process. Cutting down your list early also allows you to reduce unwanted interviews.

Through personality testing, you can easily find candidates who do not fit the characteristics of the employee you’re looking for. Then, you can remove them from the recruitment pool so you can have fewer candidates to consider for employment.

Eliminate Bias

Make fair decisions when screening applicants and reduce the chances of unintentional bias when you take advantage of personality tests. With this assessment, you can base your hiring decisions on applicants’ scores in the required personality competencies instead of relying on your subjective evaluation.

By doing this, you can also greatly improve the quality of your hires. This can happen because when you base your hiring decisions on data provided by personality tests, you have more chances of finding the top talent in your recruitment pool.

Recognize Problematic Personality Traits Early

Personality tests can help you avoid bad hires by showing you if a candidate has a tendency for problematic personality traits. This assessment’s results can show different unwanted traits such as opportunism, self-obsession, insensitivity, irritability, and impulsiveness.

This is one of the greatest benefits personality testing can offer because hiring an individual with any problematic personality traits may cause disorder in your workplace. Your new employee might not get along with your team members and may even cause some legal problems.

Evaluate Your Candidates’ Personality Thoroughly

Personality tests are beneficial tools that you can use to improve your company’s hiring process. This special assessment can provide you with better hires and effectively reduce your time-to-hire.

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