Understanding Your Prospective Millennial Recruits

hiring and retaining millennials

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Nowadays, most of the people applying for entry- to mid-level jobs belong to the millennial generation. They also make up the majority of the workforce, so you might encounter them when they apply for a position in your company.

Stereotypically, millennial workers are known to be job-hoppers. This means most recruiters know that they will not stay in a company for a long time.

Although true, this information does not mean that millennials are not loyal to their organizations. You should understand, as a part of a recruitment company in the Philippines, that they only value different things. Unlike the generations that came before them, millennials regard the following factors highly:

Purpose and Passion

Unlike other generations, millennials do not value their length of stay in a company that much. Instead, they want to feel that they’re making a difference and doing something that matters for their company.

This pushes millennials to look for jobs that provide them with fulfillment. They don’t care too much if they don’t have a big paycheck as long as they’re happy with their accomplishments. Then, when they feel that they’ve reached their highest potential with a company, they won’t hesitate to jump ship and look for another job that gives them a purpose and fulfills their passion.

Freelancing and Flexibility

In addition to pursuing their passion, millennials are also known to value their work-life balance. They prefer getting jobs that offer a flexible schedule, so they can still have time for their families, social life, and hobbies.

This is also why most millennials become enticed with the idea of freelancing. They want to be in control of their schedule and work only when they are the most productive rather than sitting in front of a desk for eight hours without accomplishing anything.

So, if you’re looking to encourage millennials to apply to your company, you should consider tweaking your staffing schedule. Instead of expecting your employees to come in at certain times of the day, give them a flexible schedule that allows them to come to the office whenever they’re ready. For example, instead of requiring your employees to come in at 9 AM, you can let them come to work from 6 AM to 10 AM to give them more freedom.


Gearing for Growth

Another reason why millennials change jobs more often than the older generation is their eagerness to learn new skills. Most of the time, if millennials feel like they’re stagnating at a job, they start looking for new opportunities elsewhere.

By having this habit, millennials are able to expand their knowledge in a field and open themselves to even more opportunities as time goes by. They also won’t have to be stuck doing the same tasks for the rest of their lives because they have a comprehensive skill set that they can offer an employer.

As a human resource expert, you can prevent your millennial employees from leaving your company by providing them with training that will expand their knowledge and skills. You can also offer a portal where they can take self-paced courses that teach them whatever skills they want to possess.

Work With Talented Millennials and Benefit From Their Passion

Hiring and retaining millennial employees may seem hard, but it is not an impossible task. All you need to do is understand the priorities and preferences of your target prospective recruits. Then, you should vary your recruitment approach to suit their unique values and show them that you’re different from more traditional companies.

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