Pre-Employment Testing Tools You Can Use To Hire Top Talents

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As a recruitment specialist, one of your main goals is to find the most qualified applicant to hire for your company. To achieve this, you carefully screen candidates’ resumes and conduct various interviews. These steps allow you to learn more about an applicant and assess whether they will be a good fit for the job.

However, with the dozens of applicants that you need to assess every day, you might be looking for a way to expedite your recruitment process. There are various options available to you nowadays, and one of them is pre-employment testing.

Types of Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

There are different kinds of pre-employment tests that you can use to improve your recruitment process. These assessments will allow you to learn more about a candidate and determine if they are qualified for the open job in your organization:

Skill and Talent Test

One of the most important things you need to do when screening an applicant is to see if they have the skills and knowledge to accomplish the tasks involved with the open position. You need to see if they are qualified enough to help your company grow and achieve its goals.

For example, you’re looking for a managerial accountant for your company. To ensure that an applicant has the specific skills required for the position they’re applying for, you need to assess their financial data comprehension skills. Through a skill and talent test, you can determine if the applicant can analyze and interpret different financial documents and can solve arithmetic and mathematical problems.

Skill and talent tests can also assess other competencies aside from financial data comprehension. You can use this pre-employment testing to measure an applicant’s:

  • Technical understanding
  • Logical reasoning
  • Process comprehension

Due to its comprehensiveness, you can provide a skill and talent test to any applicant regardless of the position they’re applying for. Whether they are applying to become an intern, entry-level employee, or senior-level officer, this type of assessment can help you make better hiring decisions.


Cognitive Ability Test

Assessing a candidate’s cognitive ability before hiring them is also essential. Doing so can help you predict their job performance and see how they handle the different complex problems they will encounter on the job.

Cognitive assessment tests focus on evaluating an applicant’s ability to use a variety of mental processes. This kind of test will help you determine how well a candidate can work with numbers, think abstractly, solve complex problems, and learn new things quickly.

Because cognitive ability testing can also assess an applicant’s higher mental processing skills, it can be useful when you’re hiring for mid- to senior-level positions. These job levels often involve handling complex and stressful situations, so you should find an individual who possesses exceptional cognitive ability. After all, you wouldn’t want to hire a manager or supervisor who breaks down when faced with challenging circumstances.

Personality Test

Testing a candidate’s skills and cognitive abilities is indeed essential to ensure that they are qualified for the job they’re applying for. However, aside from these qualities, you should also determine if an applicant will fit into your company’s existing culture.

Evaluating an individual’s culture fit into your organization is important if you want to keep your workplace harmonious and organized. Additionally, hiring culturally fit individuals for your company will boost your existing team’s morale and productivity.

To assess a candidate’s culture fit, you should provide them with a personality test. This pre-employment testing tool allows you to determine an applicant’s emotional intelligence, soft skills, work ethics, and values. With the results of this test, you can have an insight into an individual’s personality and use this information to decide if they will be a good fit for your company.

Personality testing can be provided for any type of applicant. Whether they’re applying as an intern or manager, you still need to see if a candidate will get along well with your employees and reflect and follow the values of your organization.

For more information and inquiries about online personality tests, don’t hesitate to contact Aptitude today.

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Integrity Test

Another important pre-employment test that you should take advantage of is integrity testing. Using this assessment will allow you to find top talents who are trustworthy, honest, and reliable and weed out those who exhibit red flags.

This pre-employment test provides applicants with unique scenarios in the workplace and asks them questions that will measure their integrity and ethical guidance. Some of the specific factors measured by an integrity test include the following:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Rules compliance
  • Candidness
  • Responsibility
  • Non-violent attitude

Learning about a candidate’s integrity can help you avoid hiring individuals who may harm your company. Without this assessment, you may accidentally hire someone who has the tendency to commit theft, substance abuse, workplace hostility and other problems.

Because of its importance, it is recommended that you provide an integrity test to every applicant you’re considering hiring. This is especially important for individuals applying for mid- to senior-level jobs. Since they are more likely to handle money and confidential documents, you need to make sure that they can be trusted. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about theft and even a breach of information.

Start Making Better Hiring Decisions

Take advantage of the different pre-employment tests listed above to find the best candidate for your organization. These assessments will also help you save time and resources when screening applicants to make your recruitment process more efficient. Learn more about the pre-employment testing tools you should use by contacting us today.

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