What Do Personality Tests for Jobs Show Recruiters?

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Recruiting employees requires you to screen applicants and assess if they have the hard and soft skills required for the open position in your organization. Although you can determine if an applicant is qualified for a job by reviewing their resume and interviewing them, you still need to provide them with additional assessments. Doing so will allow you to make the best hiring decision for your company.

One of the most common assessments provided by recruitment professionals is personality test for jobs in different levels and industries. Taking advantage of this kind of testing will help you gain insight into a candidate’s:

Ability to Do the Job

Aside from basing an applicant’s qualification on their resume and interview performance, you can use a personality test. Although it might not objectively assess a candidate’s hard skills, personality tests can help you learn more about their soft skills and emotional intelligence.

By assessing an applicant’s soft skills, you can determine how well they work with other people. More specifically, you can find out about an applicant’s communication skills, level of empathy, and listening style.

Some people might think that this aptitude is not important, especially for positions that do not require a person to collaborate with other employees regularly. However, some jobs are dependent on a person’s ability to work with a team, including managerial and executive positions.

Learning about a candidate’s emotional intelligence, on the other hand, provides you with insight into their decision-making and problem-solving skills. These factors directly influence a person’s hard skills and may help you determine if a candidate is really qualified for the open position in your company.

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Willingness to Accomplish Their Tasks

By asking shortlisted candidates to complete a personality assessment, you can learn more about their eagerness to work with your company. More specifically, you can determine how reliable and task-oriented the applicant is.

You can also use personality tests to measure an applicant’s assertiveness, coordination, and passion. These characteristics will then provide you with insights regarding a candidate’s work ethic and willingness to work in your organization.

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Capability to Fit In

Another aspect you can measure using a personality test is a candidate’s ability to fit in your company culture. Assessing a candidate’s cultural fit before hiring them allows you to guarantee harmony in your workplace. Ensuring that a candidate fits into your company culture will also help you keep them happy, satisfied, and productive for a long time.

With a personality test, you can determine if a candidate’s preferences, values, and needs align with those of your organization. Learning about these aspects will help you assess if an applicant will fit your company culture and thrive in your organization.

Start Making Better Hiring Decisions

Using a personality test for recruitment is a great way of learning more about an applicant’s character. This type of assessment will also allow you to determine how well a candidate will fit into your organization and how motivated they are to join and work for your company.

Begin making great hiring decisions today by using Aptitude’s personality test. The hiring tools we offer will allow you to gain more insights into a candidate’s character and skills. Reach out to us for more information.

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